Company History

In 1981 We start our business as a home industry which produced metal bicycle basket for the domestic market.
In 1985 After scored with previous product achievement, then PT Wangsa Manunggal Jaya Perkasa is established in this year. Welcoming the incoming order, we have added new product range, dish drainer, to compliance domestic market demand.
In 1987 We exposed to export oriented business, efficiency and effective reason, then we moved to the new building. Our long history in this business has taught us to start produce various models such any kinds of rack, space organizer, hanger, clothes air drier and steel knock down furniture
In 1989 Challenges global market might bring us to export our product world wide. So that we made the 1st export to USA in this year.
Present Keep on expanding the business while adding loads of product varieties.

Wangsa is an establish metal working

manufacturer that export varieties of

products with exclusive design and high

quality with world wide standard.


Since established in 1981, Wangsa has been manufacturing huge number of product varieties. Including pure metal works and metal works combination with natural fibers like, ratan, wood, stone, etc.

as for the customer, our products has been exported to America, Canada, Europe, Japan and Middle East. We would also welcomed all other customers around the world.

on the other hand, our company would add capable resources to ensure high products quality and world wide standard.